Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Case of the Disappearing Maya Cardigan

Here is a photo of the Maya cardigan that is consistently disappearing from my cart. Oh the days of last fall when you'd put something in your cart and then **poof!** it would be gone. I know this still happens, but not at the speed like last year.

I own a Maya in the Papaya color. I love it. I actually think it's softer than older merino sweaters I bought from J.Crew last fall and winter. I love the drape and it's a very flattering cardigan. I'm sure they will revive this for the Crewlet at some point - it's just one of those pieces that have done well.

Using the 20% discount earlier this week, my goal was to finally get more Mayas in other colors. There were only Dusty Rose, Black and the Papaya in my size by the time I got to order them. I put black in my cart and it immediately disappeared. Not even the big orange outline, just one minute it was there, the next gone. I ordered the Dusty Rose but it is pretty close in color to the Papaya, so my situation is not really resolved. Again, by the time I got to make the order -- gone. The next day and totally frustrated, I check the site. Now they have all 3 colors (again) in my size, plus grey. Great! I choose Black and grey. Gone. Grrrr!! I am desperate for the grey or black. Desperate!


  1. have no fear- there is a maya dress on the website now and it looks gorg!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow, that is frustrating! Maybe there will be ANOTHER popback for you! But at least you have one gorgeous Maya cardi, right? Haha, trying to look on the bright side!

  3. Thanks Ladies. Jemma, I saw the dress, it's cute. It doesn't quite bestill my heart like the cardi, but me likey. Waiting to see a review first on the blogs before I dive in.

    Amy, thanks for looking on the bright side - I just wish I had been quicker!