Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I had a feeling I was Over the Top...

Thank you to the lovely Stephanie at la belle vie for nominating me for this award! Girl, you are funny and I love your blog!
As part of this award, I'm tasked with answering some (well lots of) questions. Here goes!

1. Where is your cell phone: I don't have one. I haven't had one in 3 years! & it feels so good! I can go places sneakily! No one to call me! It's the most free feeling I've had in a long time.
2. Your hair: is darker now. I like the contrast with my lighter eyes.
3. Your mother: very understatedly chic. & obsessed with crisp white shirts.
4. Your father: lives in Denver, Co.
5. Your favorite food: I grew up with a Chinese grandmother... so my favorite foods are a little strange to most people. For instance... most dishes are incomplete...without salted duck eggs nearby.
6. Your dream from last night: You know I haven't had a dream in a long time. Isn't that sad?
7. Your favorite drink: A Dirty Martini made with Bombay Sapphire with 2 olives and lots of Olive Juice.
8. Your dream/goal: to make SES, travel the world on miles to do a job I enjoy, live comfortably and happily with successful children in a big house in Hawaii. Is that too much to ask?
9. What room are you in: my office
9. What are your hobbies: PLANNING travel, traveling, shopping
10. What is your fear: failure, losing, not living up to my potential.
11. Where do you want to be in 6 years: I would be 36. A mom to 2 kids (I only have one, should get working on that!), 2 levels higher than I am now career-wise, happy with the hubby, living in a great location and continuing to enjoy my job.
12. Where were you last night: In my office, with Hubs, watching Gossip Girl on iTunes. Did you know Hubs is obsessed?
13. Something you are not: lonely. I'm lucky for the friends and happiness that's around me.
14. Muffins: have carbs.
15. Wish list items: Ugh. Always moving and changing. But on the WISH LIST, the Olivia dress from J.Crew, and Tory Burch Jaden boots.
16. Where did you grow up: Hawaii
17. Last thing you did: kissed my baby goodnight and poured myself a glass of wine.
18. What are you wearing: my super comfy big sweater.
19. Your TV: sony flatscreen.
20. Your pets: 2 shiba inu's... Kaya and Rocky... ugh, so irritating and hairy. But I love 'em.
21. Your friends: are the best. Really.
22. Your life: busy and crazy, but fun and rewarding.
23. Your mood: content.
24. Missing someone: Hubs! He is 8,000 miles away right now. On a trip for work but also visiting his Nana.
25. Vehicle: The days of my Audi A6 are long gone as I live in Okinawa and drive a teeny japanese car. But I dream constantly of what I would get if I came back to the real world... A Mini Cooper maybe??
26. Something you’re not wearing: my Tiffany bracelet
27. Your favorite store: I would love to say the Crew. It's just so ready to come off my lips. But in truth, probably Target.
28. Your favorite color: black
29. When’s the last time you laughed: At work. Work is fun.
30. When’s the last time you cried: A while ago...
31. Your best friend: Hubs and my 5-yr old little genius
32. One place you go over and over: San Francisco. Hubs and I used to go alot when we lived in Hawaii. I miss that place... Since we moved to Okinawa, we tend to go to Tokyo alot. We've gone to Thailand twice, and I'd go again. I've only been to Hong Kong once, but I am waiting for the day Hubs and I go back. Fun, food, and food!
33. One person who emails me regularly: My girl TOOTD. Thank goodness for her or work would be ... work.
34. Favorite place to eat: In Hawaii, Indigo Restaurant for its take on Pacific Fusion. Or Char Hung Sut for straight-from-Hong-Kong steamed char siu bao. In Okinawa, the dim sum lunch at the Hotel Nikko Alivila hotel. I'm pretty single minded. :-)

You ladies are fabulous and I am a better dresser, fashionista, writer, and blogger for having you all! Thank you!


  1. Congratulations on your award!

  2. Congrats! And thanks for the mention! I too love salted duck eggs, mmm! I can't believe that you haven't had a cell phone in 3 years! That sounds unbelievable to me, and I'm not even someone who's married to their phone! (you know the type I'm talking about...) And OMG, Hong Kong food is THE BEST!!! I've been there 4 times with my family and loved it every time!

  3. So nice to read about you. I see you everyday, but it's always good to read special things!
    THANK YOU FOR MY AWARD! I will definitely will post my OVER THE TOP. Give me just couple days...

  4. I enjoyed reading this! It's fun to learn about other bloggie friends :) My parents are from Thailand and H and I are going there for our honeymoon (with a stop to Tokyo for a few days!). H's fam is from Hong Kong--I've never been but I've heard that all there is to do is shop and eat which sounds so ideal to me!

  5. Love that you ladies liked me rambling on for 30-something questions!

    @Kathy: Thank you!!!

    @Amy Kelinda: Girl, nothing tastes right without salted duck eggs and a home isn't a home without a mayonnaise jar gallon of salted duck eggs in the kitchen!! LOL! & yes, I REVEL in the fact I don't have a phone! (Though sometimes I wish I did, but these moments are few and far between). & I can't WAIT to go to Hong Kong again. For people who love to EAT, this is the PLACE.

    @TOOTD: I know, I can't wait to see you post yours!

    @Tres Tippy: Just eat your way through HK and you'll be good! & speaking of which, where are you going in Thailand? This last trip, I spent some time in Bangkok but also in Hua Hin at AKA Resort and I would go back in a heartbeat! & the food.... I'm spoiled and ruined for life! Have fun on your honeymoon! When is that??

  6. Congratulations on your award! I love reading all these things about you...thank you for sharing them! :)

  7. Tis me,your,understatedly chic, obsessed with crisp white shirts, oh so fabulous at 50! Mom.
    I can't help but get the hint that I am supposed to peak in at your blog in order to fulfill your crewlade craving for Christmas, hmmm, perhaps I am just overthinking the whole thing. I must go shopping now...