Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Tale of Two [Sequin] Skirts

Tonight was a real test of 2009 Goal #9: Follow through on what you say you're going to do, not to mention my Buy It Because You Love It shopping mantra.

Well, I'd finally decided I was going to commit. The Stardust Pencil Skirt had been in my cart for almost a week. I had more or less decided I was getting it. I was pretty committed to said skirt in all its sparkly, sequin-y glory. Plus, I love the muted greyish blue color. It's still pretty reserved in nature for a sequin-covered skirt. & at $118 FP, not too shabby, J.Crew. Well played. I don't even mind the waitlist until 11.10!

Then I go check out sweaters - as is my new custom - to check to see if the Maya has been restocked. If you've read my previous entries, I've had the worst luck trying to get these cardigans. I am in love with them, I now already own the Papaya color and the Dusty Rose and was desperate to have the black and grey. Well, there they were. Black and Grey.

There was no hesitation. I quickly added them to my cart not even caring that the black is waitlisted until 12/08. I'm a patient gal, not to worry, J.Crew! I can hold my horses so long as you do your part not to send me those nasty Due to Popularity emails telling me the gosh darn things are sold out. Oh how I loathe those emails. Especially after you've paid, those are the kiss of death. Well I digressed. At this point, I am thinking what a lucky girl I am to have found the Mayas in both the colors I have been desperate to have, AND to be ordering my Stardust skirt.

There was just one little snag to my well thought out purchase --- that the Collection Dulce skirt was sitting in Final Sale in my size. At $299 it is almost $200 more than my little Stardust skirt above. It practically makes the Stardust skirt look like the steal of all steals at $118. So I quickly remove the Stardust skirt from the cart and add the Dulce. I pull the trigger and check out. The order was made. No Stardust for me, no Sir! I was having me some Dulce!

Facts to support my side-trackedness: First, that it is a Collection piece. I'm not known to be a J.Crew Collection Collector, but I have a few pieces here and there. Second, the color and the hand-sequined applique sort of had me at hello. Third, a quick Google search tells me that only 12 others are in existence. Am I totally sold on that claim? Eehhh, don't know. But the skirt's description reads:

A very limited-edition silk organza skirt (only a handful were made). A stunner in a luscious shade of burnt caramel. Sequined entirely by hand, it has our favorite new detail of the moment: a contrasting black elastic waistband. Classic pencil-skirt shape. Sits at waist. Side zip. Fully lined. 23 1/2" long. Part of the J.Crew Collection.

Then Buyers' Remorse set in. I thought, Dear Lord what did I just do? I was supposed to buy the Stardust, that's what I said I loved and here I am buying a skirt that #1, was never on my list, and #2, costs a fortune!

So I changed the order and cancelled the Dulce and ordered the Stardust. I felt I had wanted the Stardust more, I had thought out the Stardust purchase, I loved the color and its discreet sparkliness. But then the Dulce... how can one not love the Dulce?? It's questionable if there is room in my life for 2 sequin skirts (seriously, how many places could I truly go, how many events could I attend? I'm a Business Analyst, not exactly an A-Lister). But the idea of not seeing both IRL and having the option to choose just bugged me. Both skirts had great reasons behind them to come home to momma. & then I called the hubby, telling him of my indecisiveness. Let me just say, I normally do NOT go to Hubs to tell him anything of J.Crew orders, especially ones involving frivolous sparkly skirts that cost anything more than $5. (Hubs lives in that alternate universe my Grandpa lives in. The one where a Quarter still goes far and $5 better get you through the week).
The shocker: Hubs says to get them both! He says to order the Dulce. I follow through and diligently go back on the site to stake my claim. He counsels that if I don't like it, I can return it or sell it on eBay (I am not one of those rip-offy, high priced eBay sellers either - I'm a nice girl!). & then he says, if I like it, to keep it and be happy.

Do I seriously deserve this man? Am I really getting 2 sequined skirts? Did I just spend a small fortune tonight? To the first, gosh I hope so. To the others, OMFG, yes!


  1. I have to say that I am proud of your decision process! You don't just buy without giving a lot of thought to your purchases. I cannot wait to see both! don't you just love the new cancellation button?

  2. Kathy, I was amazed with the button and the timer! Now if I could just decide, life would be sweet.

  3. *lol* I am so glad we'll be able to see both. Yay!

  4. My husband lives in the same universe as yours (but he would never had told me to go for both, lucky you!)
    I like the stardust more because of the color, but you never know, the fit could be completely off and it'snice to have a backup option, especially if husband approved, so yay for you. I'm curious to see both on you!

  5. The best buy ever! The Dulce color it's so so beautiful! And if you worry about been too much...just add a simple top and the skirt automatically will tone down. SO BEAUTIFUL SKIRT!

  6. Oh Ladies the trials and tribulations continue! I woke up this morning still partial to the Stardust. All the skirt drama may be for not when they both arrive and the Dulce ends up going back.

    Gigi - I'll definitely take pics of both.

    Ema- I have a feeling I'll like the Stardust better for the same reason as you - the color and even the sequins seems more toned down, more my style. I couldn't believe Hubs said ok, even encouraging to get it! Shocking! You have a good point about the fit, too!

    TOOTD- Girl, it's gorgeous but I'm hoping I like it IRL and it fits great. Cross your fingers!

  7. Haha you so funny! I definitely like the stardust one better, personally I would get way more use out of it. I've been following your blog for a bit, and I really like it - I have nominated you for an award on my latest post! xx

  8. OMG! Sooo funny. I am glad to see I am not alone in my shopping psychosis analysis. Your hub sounds like a keeper. I like the muted colour of the stardust, but good to get both, to compare, so then you can put it out of your mind. That's how I think.

  9. I, personally, like the Stardust WAYYY BETTER!!! It will just look fantastic with your two new Maya Cardi's! Good luck deciding!

  10. Stephanie- Thank you so much for the nomination! I will put up a post about it very soon! I think the price per usage ratio would be much better with the Stardust.

    Caliglam- I don't know WHY I have to think so much about purchases! & you're right - the muted color and even the muted shine factor of the sequins on the Stardust makes it more useful. The Dulce is breathtaking but really bright.

    Yogagirl- Agree with you too! & I keep just staring at both colored Mayas thinking how fab they'd look with the Stardust!

  11. Beautiful skirts!
    I love the Mayas too.


  12. I know I shouldn't be encouraging spending, BUT... I cannot wait to see both skirts IRL pictures! Hahaha... And your hubby is right, you can always sell that Dulce skirt if it doesn't work out! I'm sure SOMEONE will buy it, especially if you don't hike up the price by 200%.