Monday, October 12, 2009

Operation Get Fine '09 Update: Finally, some REAL evidence of change!

My favorite Super 120s dress. I swear I didn't go on the diet just so I could fit it again. Really. & can I tell you how much I love this dress??? An oldie but such a goodie.

Well, a month into my low carb / ACV diet + No exercise and I'm seeing some real changes in how my clothes fit. I can't tell you how many pounds I've lost because I don't keep track. I started on this because I had gorgeous clothes in my closet of which I could fit only 25%. I've been testing 3 dresses to see how they fit over the course of the last 30 days and I can tell you that yes, finally - FINALLY! - see improvement. Like, I could actually walk out of the house sans rigid undergarment. Somehow, I have made my hips shrink. & seeing that, dear reader, is better than any gift, any shoe, any ANYTHING. I sighed a huge sigh of relief today, wearing a Super 120s dress -- my favorite -- that I haven't been able to get my arse into in 6 months. I should have been prompted by the "black jean incident." Over the last week, I've noticed my beloved black skinny jeans (of which I bought 2 pairs of in August from the JRs section at Nordstrom) are falling off said backside. I've actually gone down a size.

Dress Test #2: J.Crew Collection Jeweled Cady Shift. Fits perfectly again. I love this dress!

But here's the curve ball - I'm not quite sure I'm done. I mean, the diet isn't so hard to stick to. Turns out I don't mind giving up rice and pasta and granola bars and cereals and oatmeal (Well... I miss oatmeal and "indulge" every once in a while). I miss the wine, but not as much. & I like staying on the diet because it keeps me mellow all the time, I don't crave anything, I don't have highs and lows and I never feel like my energy level crashes anymore. I really feel like I'm on an even keel, sugar-wise.

Dress Test #3: J.Crew Abstract Rose Print Dress. A tad snug in the bosom still.

& now that I actually have a steady level of energy, I'm starting to go back to the gym. What I'm hoping and shooting for is another 5 pounds or so. What I DON'T want is for my clothes to not fit because I lost too much. But a little bit more drape in the curtains may not hurt.

On another note, I won the sand colored patent TB Revas on eBay. Stalking mission complete! More on that in an upcoming post of the dreaded European vacation that is giving me premature grey hair. & on that note... Adieu, Adieu, to you and you and you!


  1. CONGRATS!! I think clothes are the best indicator of how well you're doing on any mission to drop/gain pounds! YAY that you get to enjoy one of your favorite dresses again!

    I can never diet because I have no willpower, haha! But if you're willing to stick with it, why not?

  2. Ugh - it irks when Blogger doesn't get my comment. I'm sure it's a user error of some sort.

    I'm so happy for you! Don't think of your new diet as diet-ing. Think of it as a lifestyle change. Healthier habits should be permanent fo shizzle ;-)