Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time for the Closet Purge - Sale Time

Ladies I am purging my closet to make room for some new loverlies and I have a ton of stuff on eBay for very reasonable prices. If you are interested in checking my items out, here are the goods. I am a size 6 in J.Crew, I wear either a S or M sweater and tee. I have some great items on sale, including the Chiffon Rose tee in the picture above, starting bid at $35. I've hardly worn this tee and it needs a new home and someone that will wear it often, because it is striking. If it wasn't so darn rare, I would have sold it a long time ago. Oh well. My loss is your gain. If you're interested please check it out.

Thank you!


  1. Good luck on cleaning out your closet! I need to do the same, it is a mess in there!

  2. Hey, i just saw yur obsession on the right side. I have to agree, this dress is JACKIE O MARISA!

  3. hi! thanks for stopping by my blog :) yours is very cute! what a great idea selling things on your blog, i'm thinking about maybe doing that too