Monday, October 19, 2009

Why You Need to Watch The Proposal.

Ladies I just finished watching The Proposal and have to tell you:

1. I actually covered my face watching certain scenes and then laughed like a foolish, giddy 10-year old girl. More than once. Ok, maybe a bunch of times. You know when a movie scene is so... You're so embarrassed for the person, you can't watch, but then you do anyway? Yup.

2. I have a GINORMOUS married-lady crush on Ryan Reynolds now. Thank you, Canada.

3. I want to be Besties with Sandra Bullock. Me love her.

4. I also want to be Besties with whoever styled Sandra Bullock in this movie. It is so ... Posh Spice Harsh (is that a look? Because I think if it's not, that should be the technical term). She is so severely styled in this movie, but every look is so utterly 1950's Dior that I can not help but fall over and swoon over every dress, every skirt, every pair of Louboutins... *sigh*

5. Any movie that has Rob Base's "It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right" as part of its soundtrack gets two very high thumbs up from me. & she chants Vanilla Ice, too. That's about where I covered my face and watched the movie through my hands while laughing like a freak. For the 4th time.

It was just one of those movies you get on DVD for the weekend because you're bored, that you watch after the hubby's gone to bed, and the babies are sleeping, and you want to zone out by your lonesome. I was pleasantly surprised. It was not a total waste of time. In fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 hours. & if it wasn't 1 am & I didn't work tomorrow, I would totally. totally. watch it again.



  1. I heard it's really funny, esp Betty White. Thanks for the rec :-)

  2. oh i loved that movie! i watched it on a flight to LA and i watched it two times in a row! i couldn't stop giggling to myself lol

  3. I loved that movie too! Sandra Bullock really does seem like she'd be super fun to hang out with. Hollywood hasn't gone to her head!

  4. I loved that movie too! I watched it on a flight and I just could not stop laughing. I also totally have a married woman crush on ryan renoylds too!!

  5. I watched it last night, it was my Halloween-without-hubby-chick-flick. Loved it for the same reasons than you.
    My favorite all-time romantic comedy is "You got mail".