Friday, October 30, 2009

Photos from Another Time

Reminiscing in my last blog about trips I've taken in the recent past has led me to them posted here. Hopefully you like them as much as I enjoyed going through them!

1st trip to Thailand... Spent time in Kanchanaburi, very close to the Burmese border, on the River Kwai. Hotel was a floatel, it floated on pontoon rafts along the river. Roofs were thatch. No electricity, no real running water.

My baby and me, here he's 3 year's old, floating along the River Kwai.

In the city of Bangkok. This is the view from our $100 a night hotel... Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn) in the distance. I would stay here over and over again, I had the best time. Perfect location.


  1. These are beautiful photographs! The photo with you and the baby looks so serene, like something out of a coffee tabletop travel book. The idea of a floating hotel is intriguing - could you feel the fact that you were floating?

  2. hi! love these photos! i haven't been back in so long..our honeymoon is not until next december, i hope i survive wedding planning lol. we always go to hua hin when we're there :) i think this time around we'll try ko samui, i've never been but would love to go, and probably spend a few days in bangkok (that's all i can handle with the traffic and air pollution!). also going up to chiang mai, i had a lot of fun at the elephant camp last time i went. looking forward to tokyo though, i've only ever been in the airport! hehe.

  3. Hubs took the pics - he is AMAZING at it, I must admit!

    @Amy Kelinda: The hotel was the coolest thing to experience. Elephants bathing in the river outside your room's balcony, a village up on the hill, and the coolest mosquito net covered bed (not for aesthetics!). We had a great time. & one of the coolest experiences ever!

    @Tres Tippy: You are going to have fun in Tokyo! It is such a crazy place and there is so much going on. You will have a blast and if you need advice on places just let me know!

  4. Your pictures are just beautiful. Can you tell me how you (or hubby) achieve that border effect? I'd love to emulate it. TIA!

  5. I am jealous, you have been to so many exciting places! Husband suddenly became afraid to fly soon after our wedding 22 years ago and has only been on a plane once since then. I have dreams of going to Italy, Ireland, the Scandanavian countries,and Hawaii. He wants to take a train trip across Canada and we both want to travel across the US by car. We will get there!

  6. Thanks girls for your input!

    @Cliquot: The border effect is easy to achieve with some photo software. It's just like a frame and really easy to do!

    @Kathy: Go for the car trip! I dream of that one, too! I want to do one of those stop in everywhere and eat type of trips, through New Orleans, Louisiana, Tennessee... Go for it! You don't need a plane to have a great time!