Friday, October 16, 2009

Current Obsessions: J.Crew's Latest Rollout

You know you have J.Crew issues when you are sneaking a peek at the new collection at work. Now that I'm in the comfort of my messy home office, I can blog about the pieces I can't get out of my head! There a few pieces I'm interested in, a whole range of those I can live without for now until they hit the sale pages. But for now...

I am loving - LOVING - this turtleneck. & I usually hate turtlenecks. They make me feel like I'm choking, though for the way this one looks I could maybe deal with it. I like the cables and I like the overall look with a pencil skirt. I'd probably get this in black, though if there was an additional savings and depending on how it felt, I'd get it in the snow color as well.

These boots, the Vintage Short Roadster Boots, I know, are not part of the new rollout. But in searching for cute, flat, comfortable, chic boots, these are the best of what I see. & I love how they are a little bit slouchy, as noted in most pics from the site that they are styled in. They seem to be very versatile. Skirts, jeans, leggings -- they complement them all. I haven't been this in love with a pair of J.Crew shoes since the Trixie heels last fall. I love the distressed look, the mid-calf length. They are biker and rugged, so they offset the girl-factor of some outfits, but yet for biker boots, they are rather subdued. Oh I love them and want to take them to Europe with me this winter. But they are waitlisted until 12/21st and by then I'll be on a plane. Boo, J.Crew. Boo.

& here are the boots paired with this fabulous Stardust Pencil skirt. I love this skirt! Where would I go in this skirt, seriously? What fabulous occasion could warrant the purchasing and then choosing of this skirt? With said fabulous footwear? I don't know. But $118 I think is a reasonable starting price for this skirt -- Not that I am inclined to pay $118, mind you, but in the sense that usually J.Crew charges a premium for anything with so much as a sequin sewn on it, and this price point is unusually low for a change. Which worries me about how quickly the sequins will fall off. That being said, I still love the skirt. But nothing is worse than having such a glorious item and having no fete worthy of its emergence from the darkness of one's closet.

While me likes the skirt, in all seriousness, the turtleneck and the boots are where I'm at. I've even polyvored them with some things I already have, further PROVING why I think they are so fabulously necessary.

& on a side note, has anyone else noticed the pins styled with the puffer jackets? Are we to be subjected to more pins? Oh my...


  1. I love that glitter skirt too, but I had the same thought: where would I wear it? I wish I had a glam life where i knew I would wear it, but I don't. I too have been checking out the new rollouts all day! I am particularly obsessed with the new toothpick jeans and the Evie cami!

  2. Man, do I hear you on the woes of wanting to own something completely fabulous but really having no reason to. That glitter skirt would be so cute for a girl's night on the town, or a New Year's Eve party. Other than that, you're right, where WOULD you wear a sequin skirt?

    And this may just be my line of thought, but I think putting pins on a puffer jacket is kind of odd. I mean, it's a PUFFER JACKET. But belting it is even odder!

  3. hii! thx for reading my blog :) i tried on the stardust skirt and liked it but did not love it enough because i'm trying to be more practical about my wardrobe! i am so glad jcrew brought back their chunky cableknit sweaters, i've really missed those!

  4. Gingersnap - The Violet Stone color of the Evie is gorgeous! I like that one, too!

    Amy - Agreed! It's a puffer!! Are we really belting a puffer??!! Good point!

    Tres Tippy - I also need to be more practical about my wardrobe purchases! I'm loving the marled wool cardigan! Thanks for the idea!

  5. Ahhhhhhh, those boots again...I think they're calling my name!