Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sorry for being M.I.A.!

Big apologies for not being my usual bloggy self this last week but it has been so busy in the real world that I haven't even had time to peruse my favorite store's website - A travesty! Well, catching up, given the new fiscal year, work has been crazy busy and it's "Self-Assessment" time, where you write up how much of a stellar performer you've been over the last year in the hopes you are given a high rating by a panel of senior execs so that you can get your measly and well-deserved raise on Jan 1st. Here's to hoping! I've done some successful projects this year but it's all in the write-up and when you're left to say all these fabulous feats of accomplishments in only 2,000 characters (including spaces, bullets, etc) - well, it comes down to:

" 1. Me go work. 2. Me do job. 3. Me go home"

I mean seriously, that what it basically looks like.

I've also been busy with planning our Christmas trip to Europe, which has been moving steadily towards fruition. We've booked our tickets, flying into Frankfurt on the 19th of Dec and leaving out of Paris on Jan 1st. Let me tell you, planning this has been like a 2nd job, I swear! Deciding where to go, trying to find suitable lodging- 7th arrodissement, Eiffel Tower view and close to the Rue Cler area, for 3 people over New Years Eve and all at a reasonable budgeted amount - is hard. In fact, "hard" is putting it mildly. & this is just one city on this trip! I feel like Cathy, from the comic strip. ACK! It makes me want to pull out my hair.

On top of it all, I'm beefing up my resume for a few positions back home that may be strategic moves for me. & it all has to be done this weekend. Yey.

Ok, enough about work! I blog to get away from work! Not to blog about it!

So here is the only -- ONLY -- outfit I took a picture of this week. & sadly, it was not even executed very well.

Maya Cardigan, J.Crew
Falling Petals silk tank, J.Crew
Black Minnie pants (not shown), J.Crew
TB Black Reva Ballet Flats

A polyvore of the outfit:

& since I'm showcasing the shoes, can I tell you how much I LOOOOOVE my TB black Revas?? The other day I saw a girl leaving my office building in a pair of sand colored patent leather ones, and I immediately hit every -- EVERY -- website I could think of to find them. No dice. So I diligently paged through 8 pages of Revas on eBay to find 1 in my size. I am currently bidding and can I say that at this point, though I'm in the lead, these shoes are going to cost a fortune. Like, more than they would have originally been retail, fortune. But they're sold out in this color. EVERYWHERE. So what am I to do? I love them. Here's a pic. You tell me. Am I crazy?

P.S. - For those who know Europe like the back of your hand - Hubs would like to go skiing while we're there. Where would you suggest? He wants the "Quintessential Alpine Experience," complete with quaint village atmosphere, beautiful backdrop, etc. Any help would be appreciated! I'm in a mind-meld trying to figure anything out at this point!


  1. We've missed you in blogland! But being busy is totally understandable. I hope your assessment goes well! And yikes, planning a vacation is tough! Especially when you're trying to accommodate several people in a bustling place like Paris on a budget. But I know you can do it, and you'll love the vacation, so just remember that while the planning is difficult, the reward is that you'll be in PARIS in a few months!

    I've never had TB flats, but I know that the girls who do have them LOVE them! And the sand color is quite gorgeous!

  2. I can't believe you have to write up an assessment of yourself and go to a panel to get a raise- wow! That would take a lot of time, I am suprised they do that! Your outfit is gorgeous by the way, and if you just threw that together, it looks great! Love those revas, I just went for gold but I wold have gotten that sand color if they had it, I love neutral shoes. If you want to go skiining, I can reccomend Verbier which is near Geneva. The skining os better in Switzerland than in France IMO. But I do not know how you are going to squeeze that in in all those days, you guys have quite a trip! BTW, what hotel are you staying in, in Paris? You are going to love the 7th and near the rue cler!!

  3. PS, make sure you eat at cafe du marche on Rue Cler and have a chevre chaud salad for me, geez, I used to eat those all the time for lunch when I went to school there....

  4. Amy - girl! Thanks for the awesome welcome back. Get the TBs. They are worth every penny. I think I've worn my black pair at least 3x a week since getting them in August and would love to have another pair ready for when I wear these out! Trying to get all zen and centered before I look at itineraries again.. :-)

    Jemma, Great advice and help in getting me focused. As always, thanks!

  5. love the tb flats! i'm like you, when i want something i will go at lengths to get it!

    i only have info for skiing in italy, sorry can't be of much help! if you have any shopping questions for paris i have some suggestions from my trip last may :)

  6. I want another pair of Revas too! I was lusting over the leopard ones and even bidded on two pairs on ebay but then I got a pair of leopard pointy flats at Target for $29 and my obsession got sedated...

    Re the skiing (in France I suppose), it depends if you are very good skiers or not. If you go mainly for the village athmosphere I would suggest Megeve (the skiing is not great though). If you want the ultimate skiing experience go to Meribel, which has the advantage of being part of the largest ski domain in France (The "Trois Valees"). Chamonix, on the frontier with Italy a good compromise of Alpine athmosphere and good skiing (on the French side of the Mont Blanc).
    But I think that St. Moritz in Suisse is considered the quintessential European village (even if I've never been there).