Sunday, October 4, 2009

Operation Get Fine '09 Gets a Dose of the Greenies

Ladies have you ever known a gal who just seems to have it all and wonder how the heck does she do it and keep her abs and butt tight while chasing around a 5 year old? I have a gal pal, she is the tops and I love her to death. Just saw a recent photo of her and it has given me the resolve to get my butt to the gym. If she can look like that and juggle her life, then I should be able to as well! There's no reason for me not to, except my own excuses. Hopefully her inspiring me (or just making me totally Jealous - with a capital J) will help me move forward and lose some more pounds. I've seen a few results by changing my eating habits, now it's time to get off my duff and start working out. Improvements hopefully to follow.


  1. Luvee the phrasing "get fine in'09!" You go girl! Be the BEST YOU CAN BE!
    BUT be happy with who you are right now!!!

  2. Yay! I'm rooting for you! Get healthy and fit! :)