Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yellow is Where its At

Tonight I'm victim again of the Reappearing-Disappearing Maya Cardigan. This time in that gorgeous amber color. Damn J.Crew and their in-control inventory levels, this quarter. Oh the good times of last year when inventory was high and you could buy the Tartine cardi in every shade of the rainbow for $19.99 in Final Sale. Yup, those were the good ole days. I did however get the Maya in the Dusty Rose color today in the mail, along with the Anton dream cardi in black. Going back to J.Crew will be the toothpick ankle cords (I don't like the fit at the waist - if you have a thick waist, you might want to think 2x about this one) and a pair of leather gloves. I must have man hands or something. The medium was just so tiny, IMO.

Well it looks like I'll be buying the Stardust Pencil Skirt. I have no willpower or backbone and can't help but love to love it. It shall be mine. Oh yes, it shall be mine.

& now on to the OOTD (well... this is yesterday's OOTD). I was feeling graphic and bright.

Tartine Cardigan (Maize? Not sure the color name), J.Crew Fall 08
Black & White dress, Banana Republic
Skinny Black Belt, J.Crew
Black peep-toe slingbacks, Calvin Klein
Bracelet, J.Crew

Striking a pose so y'all can see the bracelet.

& the pee-pee pose. Tinsley Mortimer approved.

I threw this pic in here because I love this look. Me hates - hates - the model's sloucheriffic pose. Absolute horrors. But the tights, simple dress, boots, and fancy necklaces together with the bedroom hair says, Sigh I am awake now but just woke up only a few moments ago and threw on this ensemble which I put absolutely ZERO thought into but still looks like a stylist was at me for hours. I am casual, boho-chic meets Grandmother's closet. Don't hate.

The best part of this look is that it should be pretty easy to recreate with things I already have. Thanks for the style tips, J.Crew!

Oh... Well, I spoke too soon. I've been pondering these tonight. I was wondering (as I pass these over and over on the site) if I keep seeing the ankle-hosiery and shoes/pants look, will I want to break down and wear it too? Because OH NEY if I ever get to that stage.

I am no where near the florescent look.

Nor am I near the forest green ankle hose, slingbacks and a skirt ensemble.

I'm not even near the mindset to grasp the fishnets at the ankles look. All of the looks, IMO, tend to be very Miss Hannigan from Little Orphan Annie.

Like Zeeeeeeesss:


  1. Love the yellow and white and black combo.

    LOL about the socks - I totally caved and tried it! All the way - NEON!

    I had fun with it - didn't take it serious at all and I'll probably try socks with skirts/short pants and sandals again sometime! :)

  2. Oh god - Orphan Annie, haha! I'm not feeling the ankle sock thing either, but that's because I have super stumpy legs and don't need ankle socks to make them look even stumpier. No thanks, J.Crew.

    I cannot WAIT to see that sequin skirt on you. I feel almost like I'm getting it for myself! Also, that dress + that cardigan makes for one super cute outfit. I am a big fan of black, white, and yellow!

  3. I hope the sequins skirt rocks your world!

    Love your outfit today.

    I am not fan of the thin socks with heels either. I recall my big sis doing that back in the 80s circa Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink" and Madonna dancing her ass off in "Dress You Up with My Love." I'd like to keep that look locked in my vault of memories... Wasn't Madonna so much cooler than?

    I digress.

    I'm going to a J. Crew b and m this weekend, so if the sequins skirt is in the house I will try it on. Watch, I'll end up buying it too. It would fabulous for New Year's. Do you even have J. Crew stores in Japan?

  4. @Chasing Davies: I totally checked out your sock look and have to say they looked cute with your shoe choice! Maybe that's the secret - is it all in the shoes? You look like you had fun with that outfit and isn't that what fashion is all about? :-)

    @Amy Kelinda: Girl get the skirt. C'mon! :-)

    @Susan: The sock thing is very 80s but you know the 80s are back! Hope the skirt is there so you can see what it looks like IRL. It WOULD be fab for New Years. I have no J.Crew here in Japan. I think there IS one, but I haven't been there and it's no where near where I live. But if its like the Banana Republic & Gap here, then the sizes are more catered to Japanese sizes (think higher necklines and overall smaller cuts) & the prices are OUTRAGEOUSLY higher than back in the states. Thank goodness for Online ordering and USPS!