Wednesday, September 23, 2009

OOTD: All J.Crew & Really Blurry...

Ack! What is up with my terrible picture taking abilities lately? On this day of days when I decided to unveil my Bubble Necklace to the world? My big order from J.Crew arrived yesterday and I couldn't wait to unveil my goods, so here they are, like a kid with new school clothes:
Top: Falling Petals, black
Necklace: Grey colored Bubble Necklace
Belt: Super Skinny Pearlized Patent, black
Skirt: Charmeuse Pencil skirt, grey (previously owned)

You may think the Bubble Necklace is too much with the Falling Petals and indeed, it is some serious messery happening around the chest area. But in reality I loved the way the necklace hid amongst the petals today. I found myself constantly staring down to check it out. I've had the skirt from this summer and I love it. It's actually very versatile and the fabric feels sooooo good and silky smooth.

& I guess I'll leave you with Blurry Picture #3 of me last night in the Super 120s Carlysle Dress. Oh how I love you, dress - with your sleeves and your prim and properness with a hint of come hither in the swooping neckline. Oh how I love this dress! ... What do you all think? Promise to post pics that are not blurry from now on.


  1. Well, I wish these pics weren't blurry. You look too good to be in a blur. I love the silk charmeuse skirt. Tank looks good w/the necklace. You look decadent!

  2. Clearer pictures, please, so we can fully appreciate the glory of your purchase! I really want to see that LBD you got there in the last picture! I love how you belted the falling petals top, too. Nice!

  3. is the necklace gray??? it looks pink. congrats on all your goodies. i love the bubble necklace and falling petals tank together. thanks for the irl pics....i just may have to add the tank to my wishlist.

  4. Gigi - I felt decadent!

    Amy - I know! I'll definitely take another pic when I wear the LBD!

    Patina - the necklace is grey, but it is this soft color that has a little bit of translucence. IRL it was much lighter in color than what I saw online. I am in LOVE! The tank is on sale last I saw go for it!

  5. I'm letting you know that I left you a little e-gift in my last post. :)

  6. looks good first time visitiing you blog but loves it