Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nostalgic for an Old Dress

Diane von Furstenberg Aubrey dress, S/S 2005 (I think). Oh how I miss you, dress!

My first ever Neiman Marcus purchase was a Diane von Furstenberg dress that I fell for from the first glance. It was $300 and I was fortunate to have a decent job and be in my 20's. I hemmed and hawed over making the purchase, but when I walked in, grabbed my dress, paid and walked out, I knew I made the best decision. No qualms about it. Oh how I seriously loved this dress.

It's the DVF Aubrey dress - the one that DVF sued Forever 21 for copying? Me and Aubrey, we had good times. & then... I lost a significant amount of weight. The dress was a 10. I was a 4. I asked my mom to take it in for me, she being a fabulous seamstress. She said yes, but never did it. & so Aubrey and I parted ways.

Can you believe I STILL think about this dress? Even after 3 years??? It might not be to your taste, but the square neckline, the straight skirt and the empire waist made for a fabulous fitting dress. With a pair of J.Crew Capri sandals, the look was perfection for any type of casual outing.

Do any of you ladies have a favorite piece of clothing from your past that you wish you still owned?


  1. I still see this dress pop up on eBay occasionally! I will let you know if I see it again :) I have lots of items like this that still haunt me, but they are usually pieces I never bought in the first place...

  2. the dress is on eBay in a 2 at a pretty reasonable BIN price -- maybe check the measurements and see if it will fit? :)