Wednesday, September 30, 2009

J.Crew Silk Evening Primrose Dress IRL OOTD

I received the Silk Evening Primrose dress the other day and couldn't NOT wear it. I love the colors and paired it with a navy merino chiffon roses cardigan from last fall mostly because I had no other color that would go with it and I thought the navy made it kind of quirky. Wore a skinny leather belt around the waist. That being said, I thought the dress was SUPER cute but it is definitely not for all day wear. The boning killed me by day's end and I was so happy to take it off and get in a tank and some yoga pants. What can I say? Style before Comfort!

Silk Evening Primrose Dress, J.Crew
Chiffon roses navy merino cardigan, J.Crew
Bracelet, Banana Republic
Shoes, Black Slingbacks, Calvin Klein

A polyvore of today's outfit:

Hubs had to get into the polyvore act tonight, too. This is his, below. I told him to label it artistic expression but he says it's fashion all the way. Hmmm. Not a set I'd put or wear together, but his use of color was superb!


  1. I feel your pain, but you look stunning. And for the length of time that you were able to wear it, I know all eyes were on you. Oh, and tell hubby to stay away from polyvore lol

  2. That dress is AMAZING on you! I love how the cardigan looks with it. Gorgeous! And your husband's Polyvore is certainly creative. I'm especially liking his choice of the blue hair and shiny silver leaf skirt.

  3. You look just as good as the model!!!

  4. i really love this dress on you! i am horrible with wearing strapless dresses but you worked it! :)

  5. mmm i have that perfume and love it. such a great fall scent.

  6. Do you think that primrose dress would fit those with a C/D chest? Thanks!

  7. Hi Anonymous, That might be tough. I'm an A/B and a size 6 usually. IN this dress, I bought an 8 and am glad I did. On me the top was snug. I'm telling you that Fit Model at J.Crew has to be seriously flat-chested with no hips.