Sunday, September 6, 2009

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2009 Fall / Winter Collection & Birthday Party Wears

On a recent request from a friend living in Hawaii, I was on a mission to find a bag with the print "cher" all over it. Cher being my friend's name, I obliged. While I don't have a pic of this sought-after bag, I did see it everywhere while in Tokyo and stopped a gal in line at Disney and asked where she got it. From my feeble Japanese skills, I could get "bookstore" out of her explanation and so promptly headed over during a quick lunch break outside of the park. Turns out the bag comes with a magazine as a free gift. While I couldn't find Cher's beloved bag -- get this, they're sold out -- I did find this interesting little catalog below. I love Marc Jacobs and so made a beeline immediately for it.

& look what came with the Marc by Marc Jacobs catalog:

Too cool! While it's just a plain canvas bag, it cost the approximation of $15 USD. It seemed to me a fair price to pay for a very cute tote bag, let alone a Marc by Marc Jacobs one. & the Fall/Winter collection catalog? That was my freebie since I bought the whole thing so I could call that bag mine! It was a deal. I'm thinking of going back and buying a bunch as Christmas gifts for my fashionista girlfriends.

On another note, I had a birthday party for The Outfit of the Day's little girl. Now both girls being very chic (Mommy and Baby), I felt it necessary to step up the wardrobe choice a bit while still keeping a fleeting-summer-it's-almost-over-let's-keep-the-feeling-going vibe. So I chose:

The J.Crew Linen-Silk Tussah Rosette Dress
[J.Crew Description: Our perfect party dress hits in all the right places with a flattering neckline, high waist and the sweetest rosette detail. Linen blended with natural, unbleached "oak silk" tussah. Sleeveless silhouette.]

Please pretend you DON'T see the strange yellow string in front of me. It's not even there.

I thought it to be pretty cute and appropriate. The linen texture complied with my summer vibe and the shape made feel a little more dressed up and ready for a birthday party. I wore it with J.Crew capri gold leather sandals, again, keeping the beach vibe. Since TOOTD lives down the street from the beach. I took a papaya colored Jackie cardi as a cover up.


  1. Thank you for showed up. We love to have you and your family around. You look gorgeous and the bag it's so cool!

  2. Thew freebies in the Japnese catalogues are fantastic and put the UK and Spanish magazine freebies to utter shame! I got a Chloe umbrella last year in the Chloe catalogue. They sell these catalogues at the Kinokinuya in Dubai!

  3. Thanks to you all!

    Jemma - you are right! The freebies are awesome! Why did it take me 3 yrs to find out?