Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wearing Today - Diane von Furstenberg & J.Crew

Inspired by two things yesterday - 1) That I didn't want to repeat a hot mess (& yes, I TRULY believed it was a heinous offense) and 2) That gorgeous yellow Nanette LePore top I bought on Saks last night - I decided to bust out my own yellow rays of sunshine. I went searching for my Honey Glaze colored J.Crew Merino Tartine cardigan only to determine it is at the cleaners. *boo* So I found a similar yellow-tinged color that I believe was called "Maize" and paired that with a Diane von Furstenberg dress. I don't know the name of the dress, but the pattern looks like "Golden Gingko," so let's pretend that's the name. It has a silk texture and always makes me feel comfy.

Old J.Crew bracelet from last year - It had gold, creams and yellow colors and had a sea theme.

Diane von Furstenberg "Golden Gingko" Dress & J.Crew maize colored tartine cardigan
Shoes not shown were J.Crew almond colored juliets

Have a great evening ladies!

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