Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Like Glamour Mag's Do's & Don'ts at Tokyo Disneyland

Everywhere -- and I mean everywhere -- I looked, there was some version of black leggings and denim, a la this look below. & I do mean everywhere. It boggled my brain so much I had to do my own Sartorialist-esque take and snap some pics of the looks I'd seen. There were some general rules of thumb these fashionistas followed. First, the denim had to be a stone-wash or lighter. No dark denim. Second, the leggings had to be black. But a definite way to add a spin was the length of legging. Like this girl, below, there were tons of versions of the look with stirrup leggings. Ohhh, just staying the word (Stirrup! Stirrup!) gives me visions of my youth, listening to Menudo and dreaming of bubble skirts with my jelly sandals. Not sure if I would wear something like this, but I thought on her, with the gladiator sandals, the look was rather chic. I don't know if I'd have the guts to wear the stirrups.

This pic, below, kind of brought the entire day into focus. It got to a point where a girl without leggings looked out of place. Like something was missing. I couldn't decide if the look with leggings actually made the rest of the girls look more pulled together. As in, their outfits were complete. It was as if the leggings took the look from casual to chic.

It was like every gal and her girlfriends all decided on the same look to go out. The capri version of the leggings-avec-shorts look below wasn't as chic for me as it had been above with a full-length version (even with stirrups).

Here's where the day started to take a turn. Because leggings weren't the only legwear on display. Over the knee black socks were also in play. With shorts. In a sort of naughty french school girl way. In no way ever could I venture out of my house in these looks. This being Japan, this is not a new look. Over the knee socks are truly everywhere. But thrown in the mix on a day when I was evaluating the leggings+shorts thing, I couldn't help but now evaluate all the leg-coverings walking around. The options! You could either a) Cover your legs from top to bottom, or b) Cover them from bottom to top! Show off some ankle (or in the case of stirrups, NOT), or show off some thigh! The choice was up to you! In any case, I consider the full-length leggings + short denim shorts a "do" on the right body type. The Capri length leggings + denim? It's an "ehh." But the socks are a definite "don't" for me.

Below: Socks and leggings+denim make friends. This has been my own look at fashion in a whirlwind day at Disneyland. Even in the Magic Kingdom, all I can do is think about clothes and what looks chic.