Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Get Fine '09: Day 1

The ruthless scheduling of this day as well as my optimism has helped tremendously with being able to stick with the diet plan. Especially after work, when all I wanted was a glass of wine. The Twilight geek in me would like to compare it to the Volturi telling Edward that Bella's blood sings to him. Yes, darlings. Sauvignon Blanc was singing my song tonight, but I said a firm "Negative." I am determined to stay strong. The faster I stop looking for my nightly glass of wine, the better off I'll be to hold the line with other enticements.

Today's meals were mostly chicken, a small amount of cheese, and steamed broccoli. Breakfast was nothing more than a few cups of tea because I was rushing around to get things ready for my son's first day of school. Tomorrow I will definitely make time to have some egg whites, turkey bacon and a small serving of cheese while limiting my tea intake to 1 cup. I'll finish up the small chicken I made today for lunch tomorrow and make a pork tenderloin for dinner. I'm going to try harder to step up the veggies with more salads and sides as well as incorporate some snacks into my day, like almonds. My plan is to really push the protein-based foods and fill myself up on veggies. & ofcourse, I've had tons of water.

I've taken my spoonful of ACV tonight - not easy. My method is to quickly swallow it, then chase it with a small glass of water.

My ketosis test tonight showed negative presence of ketones - meaning my body is still burning carbs for energy. Blasted carbs! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day to resist the gorgeous bottle of Amarone Valpolicella sitting on my bar and be more well rounded meal-wise.


  1. Sounds like your doing great! Hang in there...it gets easier the longer you do it. :)

  2. Thanks FFM - Trying to hang in there. Not easy...