Saturday, September 12, 2009

Operation Get Fine '09 Update

I finished my first work week on my "loosely low carb + ACV" diet and have found a couple of lessons to learn from:

1) Meal planning is essential next week. The hardest part has been planning what to eat while I'm at work for snacks.

2) I can't believe how many carbs are in EVERYTHING I used to eat! I'll never look at a granola bar the same way again (or cereal, rice, bread, popcorn...)

That being said, it might just be my imagination, but I feel a little better - a bit more energy and less slothy-like. I'm trying to get more sleep as a part of the new process and it's helping in that category. My willpower for carby foods has increased. I ordered a reuben sandwich and onion rings yesterday at lunch with my husband. I ate the meat and left everything else. Including the onion rings! That's not me!! I looooooooove onion rings. But I didn't touch them.

Next week I'm going to start introducing the gym back into the routine. I didn't want to go "gung ho" this first week for fear that I'd overload myself and quit. But as I inch into this, I'm finding it's not that bad. I actually want to go to the gym at this point.

How about all of you ladies who are also striving to go back to "the routine." How is it coming along?

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  1. Oh good for you! Getting thru the first week is the challenge. After that, you can really be on your way to new habits. The ACV should help w/cravings. It still amazes me how much stuff I used to eat and don't want these days. Inspired by you & a few others in Blogland, I started going to the gym. After only 2 days I can feel the energy shift. Me loveth.