Monday, September 14, 2009

Anna Sui for Target & Gossip Girl? Then Why Am I Not Over the Moon?

When you are a die-hard Gossip Girl fan (and a total secret outside of Blogland), to see that Anna Sui is making a Target collection aaaaannnd tying it to Gossip Girl, well, you tend to have high expectations. After perusing the site this morning and and checking out the Anna Sui for Target collection, my official position is, "Meh." There are a few cute pieces (The Serena black flapper-looking thing is passable as well as the sold out blue dress). To clarify, the official word is "cute but meh," meaning I won't be pulling out my wallet for these. Perhaps if I saw some of the pieces IRL I would be interested. Can you just feel my disappointment oozing out of your screen? I realize that at the price point they are working with, the little details that make a piece spectacular will be "lost in the fabric." But I have seen numerous pieces come out of Target that are of great quality and also look sharp. Oh well. I can still be obsessed with the show. On with Season 3!

Check it out for yourself here.

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