Friday, September 18, 2009

Wearing Today - J.Crew +BCBG and Update on Operation Get Fine '09

Here's a posting of my outfit today. This is J.Crew's Madison blue silk "watercolor" dress from last year belted with a silver metallic belt, also J.Crew. Shoes are my new BCBG braided leather slingbacks I pictured in this post. It was still so hot today that no jacket or cardigan was required today and especially it being Friday, my office is usually lax on the dress code anyway.

A word on the shoes. The heel is high and have now been road tested and will definitely not be worn to work again. I sit most of the day and these are off under my desk while I slip on a pair of Capezio ballet slippers. But if I had to be at an event while standing, my ankles would be dying. On another note, the backstraps keep slipping down until I'm clack-clacking my way down the hall. Any suggestions on how to keep them on or having them slip less? The upside is that these shoes are completely and utterly fabulous looking and the leather is spectacularly butterlike. I'm keeping them but they'll definitely be marked for special occasions and the like. Today... well, I hadn't had a chance to wear them yet and wanted to try these babies out.

Operation Get Fine '09 is hitting the 2 week mark soon. I would say it's been about 10 days now. The eating and deciding what to eat part of the diet has become easier and routine. I've learned to cut a lot of things out - coffee is with 2 splenda instead of lots of cream and 4 sugars (would you like some coffee with your cream?). I've been snacking on almonds and have kept my net carbs at about 35 g per day. If I was in induction on Atkins, I believe I'd have to keep that number to 20 g net carbs per day, which I find too restrictive. A girl's got to have some room to breathe, along with 1 cheat day a week. The fiber bars and granola bars, cereals, breads and rice have all been cut out of my diet and I still feel very full. I've also been pretty religious with my ACV intake (with water, because DANG). While taking my (now) usual OOTD pics this morning, I took this one, and can begin to see some improvement in the way I look, particularly my middle. With a little bit of renewed confidence, I'm soldiering on with the diet and felt great today. Here's to hoping the feeling will continue, because I need the willpower...


  1. wowww, the sandal are gorgeous, but looks painful!!

  2. I love this dress too, it's comfortable and make our body slim but curve at the same time!