Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wearing Today - Saks Fifth Avenue + J.Crew

I had a big meeting this morning to culminate a project I've managed over the last six months and busted out the serious black dress from a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store in Hawaii. Oh, the sweet mother of a deal I got on this dress - Originally around $200, I got it for a little more than $40 and it fits well and makes me feel put together. The dress has gathering at the neck and waist, simple puff sleeves and a pencil-like skirt that falls just past the knee. Decided to accent with pearls, because, well, that is what one does with a black dress. This is the first time I'm wearing these shoes since I bought them back in April.

I also darkened my hair last night in a "I hate dealing with growing out highlights, hey isn't summer pretty much over anyway, where's that bottle of dye" fit of change. I normally go to the salon to get this thing done, but it was one of those nights where I wasn't going to take looking at those roots for one. more. second. I feel like a serious chick with dark hair and it makes me even more excited for fall!

Crepe Black Sheath Dress, Saks Fifth Avenue (in house brand)
nameless black belt found on floor of closet
Pearl Cluster Bracelet, J.Crew

Another pic of the outfit

Close-up of the bracelet.

Georgi Heels with Tassels, J.Crew